Children's Services

Mandate and Services Delivered

Fee Subsidy

The DTSSAB allocates financial fee assistance to the Non-Profit Child Care Service Providers for the eligible families towards the cost of licensed child care.

The way in which financial eligibility for child care fee subsidy is determined in the Province of Ontario, including here in Timiskaming has changed. Financial eligibility, which was based on a Needs Test, has moved to Income Testing.

First time families may apply for fee assistance eligibility by making an appointment with the Child Care Eligibility Worker. Some examples of families who may qualify for fee assistance may include the following:

  • parents with current employment
  • parents may be students,
  • parents with children who have special needs,
  • parents who have special needs
  • parents with medical restrictions from working and caring for children and other exceptional circumstances.

Wage Subsidy, Improvement & Enhancements

The Wage Subsidy Program was introduced in 1987 and is administered by the DTSSAB. Wage subsidy is determined and distributed through guidelines received from the Provincial government. The goal of the program is to improve salaries of child care workers in licensed child care facilities. The wage subsidies assist the licensed non-profit child care operators address wage increases through this subsidy without raising the licensed child care fees.

The wage subsidies, improvements and enhancements are available through a variety of funding methods such as Child Care and Early Years Act.

The wage subsidy allocations assist the licensed child care sector to maintain affordable services for families as well as to support and strive for quality programs that support "our future, our children" in their early learning experiences and their development during their most critical period of life.

Special Needs Resourcing

Special Needs Resourcing services are available across the District of Timiskaming in all licensed child care centres. Referrals are made by health professionals such as Physicians, Speech Pathologist, Occupational Therapist, etc. All referrals must be made with signed parental consent. The Special Needs Resourcing service provider will set up an appointment for an intake interview and further discussions and program planning that may take place. There are no extra costs involved with the service.


Many other responsibilities of the DTSSAB would include a service management relationship with all licensed child care service providers in the district. This would include service contract negotiations, monitoring of funding accountability, quality assurance, complaints, and dispute resolution.

Also, included in the services would be Ontario Works Child Care.