Ontario Works

Financial Assistance

There are now three ways to apply for financial assistance under the Ontario Works Act.

  • Online:

    In May of 2011, the Ontario government implemented online applications for Ontario Works and other key social services. Please see the following notices for additional information. English| Francais

  • Please visit the MCSS Websitefor all details.

  • In person or by phone:

  • Call or drop in to the office in your area. View our office locations

Financial assistance may include funds to cover food, shelter, clothing and other household items monthly Ontario Drug Benefits card to cover the cost of prescribed medications, other benefits, and Emergency Assistance.

Conditions of Eligibility

An applicant may be eligible for financial assistance if the following criteria are met:

  • Must be a resident of Ontario.
  • Status in Canada is verified.
  • Income does not exceed the total allowable income amount.
  • Assets do not exceed the prescribed limits.
  • If living with parents, has a dependant or is not financially independent.
  • Is not a single person who is currently subject to a period of ineligibility.
  • Is not a single person incarcerated full time.
  • Is not a single person less than 16 years old without dependants.
  • Is not a single person without dependants who is receiving a loan under the Ministry of Colleges and Universities Act or the Canada Student Loan Act.