Social Housing

Program Summary

The DTSSAB Social Housing Program is responsible for the Management of the Public Housing Portfolio, the Administration of the Social Housing Programs within the District, provision of public information on Social Housing Programs, and the Administration of the Central Waiting List.

The entire Social Housing Program is governed by the Housing Services Act, 2011 and its associated regulations.

The DTSSAB Social Housing Program wears two hats – one being the "Housing Manager – Landlord hat" as the Manager of the Public Housing Portfolio; the other being the "Service Manager hat" as the funding and governing body for all of the Social Housing Programs within the District.

The following are Social Housing Providers in the district of Timiskaming;

  • District of Timiskaming Social Services Administration Board
  • Royal Canadian Legion Zone K-1 Veterans Home Corporation
  • New Liskeard Non-Profit Housing Corporation
  • Kirkland lake Non-Profit Housing Corporation
  • Cochrane-Temiskaming Native Housing Corporation
  • Cochrane-Temiskaming Pro-Native Non-Profit Housing Corporation

The Social Housing Program offers 504 units in the Public Housing portfolio, 188 units with the non-profit housing providers and just over 100 units with the Native Housing portfolio. Rent-geared-to-income housing units are offered in 7 Municipalities in Timiskaming.

Legislation and Regulations