*** UPDATE ***
Please be advised that due to the serious nature of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have closed public access to our offices in Kirkland Lake and Temiskaming Shores. Our offices are still open at this time but can only deliver service over the phone, email or fax. Thank you for your understanding. Press release

We support the development of healthy and self-sufficient communities through the innovative and responsive delivery of Children's Services, Social Housing, Emergency Medical Services and Social Assistance.



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Ontario Works provides financial and employment assistance to people in temporary financial need. People receiving assistance through Ontario Works participate in a wide range of employment assistance activities, which help them prepare for, find, and keep a job.


Medical Services

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District of Timiskaming Emergency Medical Services (EMS) provides emergency ambulance service to the District of Timiskaming.



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We manage the delivery of educational programs in the district of Timiskaming for children from 1 through 4 to ensure they have the supports and skills necessary to maximize their success.



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The Social Housing program oversees the management and administration of a social housing buildings across the District of Timiskaming.